All data are being stored in a central geodatabase and are segmented via a private and public instance. The Private instance is secure behind the State firewall, accessible by users and applications on the State network, while the public instance supports services for users and applications outside of the State Network. Data owners work with DTI to publish the services and configure replication to ensure the most current data are available. Users outside the state network can provide their data via email to the FirstMap team to load into the database.

Geospatial Services

FirstMap is hosting a variety of map, feature and image services, organized by ISO Categories.

If you have any difficulty finding a data layer, have any questions, or want to contribute data, please email the FirstMap team.

Aerial Imagery

Delaware has a diverse range of imagery going back as far as 1937. Complete metadata and specifications are in our Imagery Metadata document.

Web Maps

Data and services in FirstMap are registered with ArcGIS Online where appropriate.

Open Data

This site provides the ability to search, filter, and download Delaware's publicly available spatial data in a variety of formats including shapefile and KML.

Data Change Schedule

Visit the FirstMap calendar to view the dates of upcoming data and service changes.

Visit our Getting Started page for helpful information to start using FirstMap.

For additional information, please email us at

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